I am a UI/UX and Visual Designer
from San Francisco, CA.

I research, craft, and test designs
to create compelling products
that people love to use.
Hello, I'm Stephen

Selected Work

ShortOrange is a cloud podcast player that removes the need for installed software to play podcasts. Users can start a podcast anywhere using the web application, pause it on one device, and seamlessly resume the same episode from another device on the same account. I do all the design tasks for both, and also the HTML / SCSS development for the Angular web app.

The ShortOrange mobile application is a fully independent solution to management and consumption of the thousands of podcasts available online.

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Chain allows users to share photos (and captions) with people nearby interested in similar topics, and view photos others post about subjects they are interested in.

“Chains” of photos are created about a given topic in a location, and users can find more chains from the “Discover” tab or their friends, or use the linking feature detailed below to explore new content.

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Daily Distance provides a simplified approach to setting daily fitness goals and tracking their progress to meeting them.

Each day, a distance goal is set, and when the distance tracker is activated, any distances traveled will contribute towards the completion of that goal. The counter can be paused for times when tracking is not desired (ie: running errands in a car).

The iPhone application’s displays are broken down into manageable components so they can be easily viewed on the small smartwatch screen size.

By connecting to a wristwatch, Daily Distance becomes as unobtrusive as possible. Users can start and pause tracking, quickly edit their goals, and view brief statistics about their fitness all with a few touches of the wrist.

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The UC Davis Stores product management web application needed a redesign to make it visually appealing and streamline the process of uploading and detailing the hundreds of new items that are constantly being cycled through the store.

By creating a layout centered around the most used fields, the updated Product Manager web application allows easier editing and uploading of products.

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In addition to web and mobile applications, I have also worked on a variety of web and graphic design projects.

FUNDaFIELD, Transformatix, and Robert Mondavi Institute are three examples of frontend website design and HTML/CSS development projects I have done.

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